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The Safest Snacks For Your Kids: How To Keep Them Healthy And Satisfied

The Safest Snacks For Your Kids: How To Keep Them Healthy And Satisfied

Raising kids in this day and age is no easy task! Not that it ever was, but long ago there weren’t nearly as many unhealthy temptations lurking around every corner of your children’s lives.

From fast food to fattening snacks and addictive sugars, keeping your kids healthy is indeed challenging. Here’s fast help for moms and dads who want to get more out of their kid’s snack time:

Watch The News

Recently, the FDA approved a ban on manufacturers putting partially hydrogenated oils in the foods you buy and with good reason: they are not safe to consume. Unfortunately, it often takes years for the government to get on board with issues that impact your health, but because your children have growing, more vulnerable bodies.

You need to stay on top of the food news that matters most. Subscribe to a blog or social group that monitors the ingredients in foods, including methods of preparation, in order to provide your family with only the healthiest of options.

Let Them Have Cake!

Sometimes, it’s okay to let your children enjoy an indulgence, but be aware that you can sneak some healthy ingredients into the foods they think aren’t good for them. Chia seeds, for example, mix well with cakes or muffins and add amazing health benefits like anti-oxidants and omega-3 oils. Change how you make the things they love and they’ll never know the difference, but you’ll feel better about it.

Speaking Of Chia Seeds…

chia seedsYour kids most likely love peanut butter and jelly, a classic in every American home. You can make your own simple jam with chia seeds, as opposed to buying it at the supermarket.

Commercial jellies and jams are loaded with awful things, high fructose corn syrup in particular, something consumer advocates have been fighting the FDA to also ban for years.

Your homemade syrup starts with your children’s favorite fruit and healthy Chia seeds, and ends up being a delectable spread filled with magnesium, iron and other healthy elements — not gooey, manufactured garbage that can cause all kinds of health complications.

Teach Them To Make Their Own Healthy Snacks

All kids love to cook and while you’re teaching them different techniques and kitchen safety, teach them how to make easy and healthy yummies they’ll be addicted to, instead of reaching for candy bars. For example, raw sesame bars are a huge hit, and they are easy as pie to make! Since there is no baking involved, you can call the littlest helpers to your kitchen to participate. Teaching kids how to snack healthy at a young age should instill habits that last a lifetime and of course, everyone needs to know how to cook!

Whip Up Smoothies Together

chia seedsThe blender is also a fairly kid-friendly tool in most kitchens, and together, you can use it to create vivid, healthy and delicious drinks. Start with something basic they love, such as yogurt or frozen yogurt, and go to town with the yummiest fruits.

Invest in funky straws (which encourage more consumption) and set your kids up with fun and colorful cups that aren’t breakable.¬†Smoothies are healthy and a great in-between meals snack that will leave them feeling full and satisfied. Because you make them together, you’re setting an awesome example of do-it-yourself goodness, rather than teaching them to take the easier, unhealthy route of manufactured quick snacks.

Veggie Trays With Dip No Kid Can Resist

Even if your children are not inclined to enjoy their vegetables, presenting them on a tray with creamy dips should peak their interest. Slice and dice carrots, broccoli, celery and more and offer a variety of dips based on nuts and yogurt or low-fat cheeses. The ensemble should disappear quickly and you’ll feel satisfied, too, knowing your kids are munching on foods of value and not junk.

childYour children really need your guidance to succeed, be strong and smart and to stay healthy these days. Without your voice and example leading the way, who knows what temptations they may fall for in the world.

When they see you doing the right thing with snacks, they’re already off to a good start! Show them and teach them how it’s done and they’ll be better off for it, for life!


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