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Is It True That Chia Seeds Can Cause Kidney Stones?

Is It True That Chia Seeds Can Cause Kidney Stones?

Chia seeds have become known as one of the super foods for their high content of good nutrients that are found in only a small amount of this food. While side effects from the use of these seeds is minimal, there are some that exist. The question has come up if this food can cause kidney stones.

Some foods that are high in oxalate can contribute to the formation of stones, but the verdict is still out. The facts are that some of the foods that are often recommended you don’t eat if you have stones, are also recommended in moderate amounts to help prevent the formation of stones.Foods such as sweet potatoes, chocolate, some teas and nuts and even beets contain oxalate and are among those foods that are said to cause stones.

This component is also found commonly in seeds such as pumpkin seeds and yes, chia seeds. For this reason many are worried if it might contribute to kidney stones.For the majority of people with a digestive system that is working well, this is not of great concern. Those with certain health maladies are the ones that should be concerned about the matter. If you suffer with arthritis, asthma or fibromyalgia, then you may need to have some concern with any foods that have oxalates.

If for some reason you have had to be on antibiotics for extended periods of time, then you may want to speak with a health care practitioner that can help you understand what foods are ok for you to eat, and if foods with oxalates are of concern due to your situation. A diet that has foods with a lot of oxalate in them are not bad for you in general. It is only when certain factors exist, that they may cause a problem for you.There are many foods that have medium to high amounts of oxalates and they are usually very healthy foods to eat.

OxalateIf you do suffer from a condition that makes oxalates a potential problem, then you should know that it does not necessarily mean that you have to illuminate it altogether. Very often if you reduce your daily intake it will be enough to correct any concerns.

Often the issues that do make this ingredient found in chia seeds and other foods a problem, will heal and when they do, then you can resume eating or consuming the food without concern. Another point to consider is that studies have concluded that those who have stones and oxalate was found in their urine sample, only around 12% to 15% came from plant foods consumed.

It has been determined that the majority who have developed stones, had it come from eating too much red meat and salt, while consuming too little water. This dietary blunder is what is found to be the biggest dietary contributor to kidney stones then foods like the chia seed. When the red meat and high salt diet and low water consumption is combined with drinking lots of cola which has phosphate, the potential for kidney stone formation is significantly increased. These are the real dietary culprits that one should be concerned about.

coffeeMany foods that are very healthy for you contain oxalates. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and parsley are all among the foods that contain this ingredient. Coffee and tea also have it.

Despite this, most people do not get kidney stones. Those that do either eat the foods that are much higher contributors to the formation of stones, or have some preexisting condition that was exacerbated from the oxalate found in the otherwise healthy foods.

Any time you are concerned about the effects of something you are taking you should not hesitate to ask a professional about it. It is better to be told there are no reasons for concern, then not to ask and find later that there were good reasons for your concerns.In general, chia seeds do not cause kidney stones.

They would only be a possible contributor in rare and specific cases where a condition existed that meant that person should reduce or eliminate foods that have oxalates. While it is always recommended that you be an informed consumer, and should consult a medical professional about any concerns, most will find that chia seeds are a healthy addition to their diet.


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