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Is A Chia Seeds Diet Good For Your Health?

Is A Chia Seeds Diet Good For Your Health?

Taken as a supplement, Chia seeds is an excellent type of food that you can add to your diet in order to benefit from what it can provide. Usually, people will take about 100 g of Chia every day, sprinkled into their meals and drinks, allowing them to get all of the protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and daily fiber that they need.

What some people have decided to do in recent years is to actually use Chia as a substitute for the meals that they eat. Is this a good move on the part of those that are simply trying to improve their health, or can this lead to problematic situations? Let’s look at whether or not a Chia seeds diet is good for you, or if it could lead to significant health problems.

Why Chia Seeds Are Good For You

Chia has been shown by modern science to contained a high abundance of beneficial nutrients. Starting with its ability to boost your energy levels, this is because of the carbohydrates and the fiber that it contains. Additionally, the fiber can help keep your body regular, ensuring that constipation does not occur.

It also contains polyunsaturated fats, specifically omega-3 fatty acids which have ALA, one of the best high density lipoprotein that you can consume every day to help build healthy cells throughout your body. Chia also contains protein, at about 16 g, and this is helpful, especially if you are doing a regimented exercise routine. Working together, and along with the vitamins and trace metals that are part of these seeds, it is really a superfood that everyone should consume daily.

Our Chia Seeds Bad For You?

Chia SeedsSince Chia seeds seem to be a superfood, one that can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and help with the proper building of the cells of your body, it might be hard to imagine that there are actually negative side effects that might occur from their consumption.

One of the main concerns that physicians have with taking too much Chia is that it can lead to clogging up your arteries. If you have ever been to the doctor before and they were concerned about your triglyceride levels, this is because triglycerides can harden your arteries.

It can make it difficult for blood to flow throughout your body, and as a result of this, there is the potential for developing some form of heart disease. Conversely, studies have also shown that Chia can reduce the risk of having a heart attack, as well as lowering C-reactive protein levels. This has been proven clinically by those that have taken heart medications, and have noticed that by taking Chia at the same time, their blood pressure levels continue to decrease.

Another potential concern is that Chia might actually be a precursor to the development of prostate cancer. This is because of the high amounts of ALA contained in the omega-3 fatty acids. Alpha-linolenic acid have been shown in some studies to increase the risk of developing prostate cancer.

However, there is no direct link between ALA and this form of cancer that has been conclusively proven, which means that a lot of ALA is simply going to help you build better cells in your body, help with mental conditions such as bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety, and even dementia because of the quality of the brain cells that are made by taking Chia seeds that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. The only other problem that has been noticed is the development of dysphagia, otherwise known as difficulty in swallowing.

Chia SeedsThis is not an allergic reaction caused by the seeds, but simply the result of the hydrophilic properties of the seeds swelling up, making them hard to swallow. This tends to happen when people add the seeds to smoothies, and when they are blended and left to sit, they can swell up to over 10 times their size.

For those that are already suffering from allergies, or something that has made it difficult for them to swallow already, swallowing Chia seeds could cause dysphagia. The simple way to avoid this is to not consume the seeds in this type of medium, thus eliminating the problem.

Aside from these three potential problems that may be caused by consuming large amounts of Chia, or by drinking them in a smoothie that you have made, it is an absolutely positive and beneficial supplement for everyone and a great way to lose weight by sticking with your Chia seeds diet.


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