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Chia Seeds For Kidney Stones And Other Benefits

Chia Seeds For Kidney Stones And Other Benefits

Cha Cha Cha Chia! This was an interesting tune from starting in the late 80’s of some interesting little seeds and flower pots that would grow into interesting shapes.  This article is about Chia, but rest assured we are not talking about cute plant pots.

Who would have known that the same little seeds that were the center of attention for years actually had some nutritional benefits for consumers?  What exactly are Chia seeds? And what are the benefits? What effect could they possibly have on the kidneys?
chia seed

Throughout this article we will consider the answer to these questions, and as we do be sure to have a pen on hand to write down those seedy little details.

To begin, Chia seeds find their beginning in the history of the ancient Aztecs and Incas. Not only was it a common staple food for those indigenous tribes, but grew I large quantities through central America for years.

Stretching down into today’s modern society, Chia seeds have been called quite the super food?  But just what is it about this interesting little seed that has caused such media attention, and craze?  Let’s discuss 10 unbelievable benefits to putting these seeds in your diet.

The first benefit is the effect it can have on your heart health.  Actually, a recent Cleveland clinic study has shown that Chia seeds can improve blood pressure in those who have diabetes, and can also help in the increase of good cholesterol while reducing the bad.  With heart disease being a leading cause for death, this is one great benefit in one tiny seed.

Chia Seed Second on the list is the amino acid known as Tryptophan. This amino acid most commonly found in turkeys helps with appetite regulation, and helps you to get fuller faster.

For those wanting to shed some pounds, Chia seeds might be the best bet.  Tryptophan also helps improve your mood and regulates sleep.

Benefit number three take us to the fight against belly fat.  Research suggests insulin resistance can be tied to an increase in belly fat.  Low and behold Chia seeds have a stabilizing effect on blood sugars, and aid in fighting insulin resistance. So long tummy fat!

Moving right along to the fourth benefit, we come across one of the most powerful nutrients our bodies need: Protein. Chia seeds do not have cholesterol, and make a wonderful protein source for all of those vegetarians out there.  Just one ounce of Chia over 4 grams of protein. That’s close to 10% of the recommended daily intake.

Coming in at the halfway point is benefit number five to eating Chia: Phosphorous in abundance.  Chia seeds have about 27% of your daily value for phosphorous, which help build and maintain healthy bone and tooth health.  Side note, phosphorous is also used by the body to improve tissue and cell growth and repair.

Chia SeedsBenefit number six is a strange sounding one: Manganese.  What is manganese you might say? It is not a well known vitamin, but it is very important for your overall health.

It promotes healthy bones, and helps your body to take advantage of other important nutrients like thiamin and biotin.  One serving of Chia seeds boasts 30% of your recommended daily intake of this important mineral.

The seventh benefit is improved bone and oral health.  Most of the time when we think about bone health we think about milk, because milk has calcium. Well Chia seeds too pack a punch in the calcium department. One ounce of Chia has 18% of the recommended daily intake of calcium.  That is a great way to help prevent osteoporosis and other illnesses that challenge the integrity of your bones.

Number eight on the list is omega-3 fatty acids.  No we’re not talking about fish oil. However, Chia seeds are home to some of the most important oils and fats our bodies need, such as omega-3 fatty acids. A one ounce serving of Chia seeds has 5 grams of these omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital to brain health.

Number nine of the benefit list takes us to fiber.  Since we’ve been speaking in one ounce increments, let’s do it one more time.  Just one ounce of Chia seeds has about 11 grams of dietary fiber.  That is about one third of the recommended daily intake for adults.  Adding Chia to your diet is a sure fire way to get the necessary fiber you need for healthy digestion.

chia seedsLast but not least we come to benefit number ten: Combat against diabetes.  Chia is currently in research for a natural treatment for those with type-2 diabetes.

This is due to it’s interesting ability to aide in slowing of digestion.  Also when exposed to liquids, Chia seeds form a gel coat that can help in preventing blood sugar spikes.

So do Chia seeds have benefits in consumption?  The obvious answer is yes.  However, to be fair it would be important to discuss some warnings. Some have said that due to the oxalate content in Chia, eating without moderation can lead to kidney stones.

This has not been proved, but is a point of interest for those taking blood thinners, and other prescription medicine having to do with the blood. As with everything, we always want to find a balance, but one thing is for sure.  Chia seeds are quite the healthy super food, and can be of great benefit to your overall health.


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