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Chia Seeds Can Help Grey Hair

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download (5)Chia seeds are a miracle find that can help a person live a healthier lifestyle. Everything that is found inside of this seed helps a person gain the nutrients their body needs to function at a higher capacity.

If you feel like you have been weak lately and that your body is not functioning properly then you should consider adding chia seeds to your diet.

Studies have shown that these seeds can help people change their appearance and that they can even reverse gray hair. With few alternatives out there to get rid of gray hair chia seeds are a good option to look into.

The nutrients inside chia seeds include everything your body needs such as copper, B-12 vitamins, manganese, and phosphorus. You also most of your daily dose of magnesium when you eat the seeds as well.

Anyone that has a low amount of iron in their body should take chia seeds, they have 6 times the amount of iron found in spinach.

These seeds even have more potassium than the amount found inside of bananas. With just one simple seed you can jam pack a good portion of the healthy nutrients your body needs to function at its best every day.

Chia seeds are approved by the FDA as a good source of healthy food. These seeds are also good for vegetarians that need to eat foods with the 9 essential amino acids.

The seeds con taint a good balance of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber inside. You should add these to your diet if you lack a healthy source of amino acids and energy to help you get through a day.

There is a reason why chia seeds help reduce the symptoms of gray hair, it’s because they help fill your body with nutrients.

Gray hair is a result of old age and/or stress. When a person becomes highly stressed their body starts to reach in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways a body reacts to stress when a person is older is by producing more gray hair.

Most people under stress do not follow healthy eating habits and as a result start to eat foods that contribute to an unhealthy body. For a person to ensure that they are as healthy as possible they should start to fill their diet of chia seeds throughout the day.

Figure out how much nutrients you get every day from other substances and then start to eat an amount of chia seeds that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

IMG_39411When the iron in your body is not high enough it could effect your blood flow. Proper blood flow is needed to your head so that your hair can grow naturally. Many people start to get gray hair when their body loses proper blood flow to the head.

Chia seeds help give you a variety of nutrients that stimulate proper blood flow and help your hair grow back in proper form.

Note that once you have had gray hair for many years it might be difficult for the seeds to reverse the effects of the color change. You should try to take the seeds when you start to notice signs of gray hair forming.

As soon as you see the color of your hair change that is when you need to make sure that you add chia seeds to your diet. You can take them in the morning and before bed so that you know your body is being fueled with amino acids, protein, and other healthy nutrients.

Avoid taking too many chia seeds because that can overload your body. A good balance is what is needed for your body to function properly.

The amount of chia seeds you take a day depends on what else you eat. A person that is on the go that hardly has time to eat proper meals should take more chia seeds than someone who eats full meals with healthy foods such as light meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Figure out the amount of nutrients inside of the chia seeds you obtain and then calculate how much you should add to your diet to have a proper balance of nutrients.

Start taking chia seeds to reverse the effects of gray hair. These seeds do not work overnight. Commit to taking the seeds and then you should start to see a change with how your hair looks in a matter of weeks.

Even if you do not get the full results that you expected it is still recommended to take chia seeds for your overall health.

They may be able to reduce other signs of aging if you take them regularly. Fill your body with healthy substances and you will increase your vitality and feel better every day.


  1. After two months of using two scoops of chia seeds mixed with my oatmeal every morning I noticed new black hair growth mixing with my grey hair. I am 72 years old and has been coloring my grey hair for more than ten years. Today it’s time to visit my hair saloon but I noticed that my hair seems not ready for coloring. I tried to examine my hair closely, I noticed new black hair growth mixing with my gray hair. I started researching about chia seeds and I found this website. Hooray! you are right. Chia seeds is working. Thanks be to God.

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