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Are Chia Seeds Antioxidants?

Are Chia Seeds Antioxidants?

Are Chia seeds antioxidants? Yes, unlike other seeds, Chia is considered to be one of the most blessed seeds on Earth because of the fact that is comes with a lot of antioxidants.

According to one research conducted in Purdue University Indiana back in the year 2008, the Department of Foods and Nutrition have found that Chia seeds are filled with astonishing amount of antioxidants which are important to human health and well being.

If you are wondering what are these antioxidants, the study show that it is filled with quercetin, myricetin and even kaempferol. In addition, it also has significant amount of caffeic and chlorogenic acids. Before we go any further, let’s better understand what an antioxidant is and how does it help the human body.

What Is Antioxidant?What Is Antioxidant?

We often hear the word antioxidant however some of us have no in-depth understanding of what this word is all about and how it exactly helps the human body.

Antioxidants are considered as substances that are capable of getting rid of free radicals in the body such as radiation, harmful and unhealthy chemicals and other by-products during the process of metabolism in the body.

In other words, antioxidants are the protective gears and guards of our cells against harmful properties that can cause damage and imbalance in our health.

Are Chia seeds antioxidants? Yes it is that’s why Chia seed is the first thing that comes in our mind if we think about antioxidant. Did you know that taking antioxidants such as Chia seed can help you improve your heart condition?

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent further infection in the body and for some, prevent worsening of cancer. Therefore, intake of foods with rich antioxidant properties is highly recommended.

Quercetin In Chia Seed

Are Chia seeds antioxidants? The mere fact that this seed contains quercetin proves that this is indeed a powerful antioxidant seed capable of fighting stress!

Chia SeedYes, quercetin is an antioxidant content that is capable of boosting a person’s energy level as well as endurance.

This is considered as a fatigue fighting antioxidant that is usually taken by most athletes and even our loyal soldiers.

So if you are often attacked by stress at work, at home or anywhere in the world you can simply make use of Chia seeds to cope up with stress and boost your energy level.

Goodbye Colon And Cardiovascular Diseases

Fortunately, Chia seeds also contain Caffeic acid. This is another antioxidant form capable of boosting your cardiovascular system which prevents development or worsening of any heart problems.

At the same time, caffeic acid helps you prevent colon cancer by keeping you away from colitis. Plus, it helps boost immune system too! Therefore, intake of Chia seeds can certainly keep you away from harmful conditions. Are Chia seeds antioxidants? It’s a big yes!

Other Antioxidant Properties Of Chia Seed

If you want more, Chia seed has a lot to offer especially when it comes to antioxidant properties. If you are familiar with Chlorogenic acid, you’ll be happy to know that Chia seed is filled with ample amount of Chlorogenic acid that is capable of preventing cancer, how?

This antioxidant has an anti-cancer property which prevents mitosis or cell division process. Aside from mitosis and cancer prevention, this antioxidant can do more than expected.

 brain tumorIf you are suffering from brain tumor, intake of Chia seed is good for the health as it is said that Chlorogenic acid is capable of preventing further worsening of brain tumors, it can boost the bile flow in the system which in effect helps you get rid of too much bile in the body.

You are preventing possible bile stagnation and in addition, you will also enjoy other benefits such as improved gallbladder condition and even liver health.

Lipid Antioxidants On Chia Seeds

Great news for Chia seed lovers who want to know the answer to the question, are Chia seeds antioxidants is that this seed contains lipid antioxidants. Another good study conducted showed that Chia seed is filled with Methanolic extracts and Aqueous extracts.

As you can see, it is obvious that Chia seed is an effective antioxidant seed that can do a lot of good to health and can certainly improve health status. So if you are looking for seeds to include in your diet, an all around seed that can provide a lot of benefits, nothing could get better than the intake of Chia seed.

However, if you have any plans on taking Chia seeds in larger amounts as part of your daily supplement, you may need to consult your doctor. Bear in mind that a healthy balance is required to achieve positive effects.

Too much of Chia seed may have negative effects on your health. Just like what other users have claimed when they took Chia seeds more than what their body can handle, they end up with an upset stomach and experiences other negative signs and symptoms.

lose weight Therefore, consult your doctor if in case you want to seriously use Chia seeds to lose weight or for other health purposes. If you plan on taking Chia seeds as part of your body cleansing regimen, you can certainly use it in small amounts.

Are Chia seeds antioxidants? Yes it is and this is why it is currently highly in demand, all because of its antioxidant properties not found on any other seeds.


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