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Are Chia Seeds Actually A Diuretic?

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Are Chia Seeds Actually A Diuretic?

If you have ever been to the doctor before, and they have told you that you have high blood pressure, they may instruct you to take what is called a diuretic. This is a prescription medication, sometimes referred to as a water pill, designed to cause you to urinate.

It is through your urine that excessive amounts of salt, which could be causing your high blood pressure, will be excreted from the body. It is also prescribed for those that have been diagnosed with having edema, or if they have glaucoma, helping to remedy or at least forestall any further complications with these conditions.

Many people have claimed that Chia seeds actually make them urinate more, causing many people to believe that Chia is a natural diuretic. We will now look at the possibility of whether or not this natural food, considered to be a superfood, has the unfortunate side effect of increasing the amount that you urinate.

Why Chia Seeds Are Good For You

omega 3Before we can understand whether or not Chia could actually cause this condition, it’s good to know a little bit more about what these seeds actually consist of and what they are typically able to do.

These seeds have a significant number of beneficial properties including a proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids that are all designed to help you maintain a healthy body.

It also contains trace minerals, and certain vitamins including vitamin C, all of which can help you maintain your health and improve your energy levels. For those that are dieting, due to the fact that the seeds can expand to over 10 times their normal size, you will feel full when you eat Chia, especially with a glass of water right before a meal making them a very beneficial seed to consume when you are on a strict diet. These are some of the good things associated with Chia, so now let’s look at whether or not any of these components could be useful as a diuretic.

What Is A Diuretic?

As mentioned before, it is a substance or drug that is recommended by your doctor in order to remove sodium from your body. Some of the more common ones include Chlorothiazide, Bumetanide and potassium sparing diuretics like Eplerenone.

Their express purpose is to force your body to eliminate excess amounts of sodium, so is there anything that is in Chia seeds that could do the same. It is possible because Chia does contain a significant amount of potassium, which is used in the last diuretic that is mentioned.

Foods That Are Natural Diuretics

bananasInstead of using a prescription medication, it is possible to remove excess water from your system, as well as excess salt, by using natural diuretics.  Any natural food that has an abundance of potassium is going to do this for you.

There are quite a few to choose from including tomatoes, yogurt, baked potatoes, bananas, and even strawberries. If you are concerned about bloating caused by excess water, by eating these foods for a couple of days, it will easily take care of this problem. So do Chia seeds actually fit into this category? Let’s take a look.

Are Chia Seeds Actually A Diuretic?

The answer to this question is yes and no. They are not normally a diuretic. However, a single serving, which is about 25 g, of Chia seeds contains 407 mg of potassium. If you were to take an excessive amount of Chia on a regular basis, you could create an overabundance of potassium in your system which could cause a diuretic situation.

You will know that you are taking too many of these seeds if you start to urinate quite a bit. At that point, you will want to cut back as you are probably pushing the limits of how much potassium you ought to have in your body, and excessive amounts can be unhealthy.

 chia seed productsOverall, chia seeds are simply one of the best all-natural foods that can provide your body with many beneficial properties.  From the protein to the vitamins and minerals that are in these tiny little seeds, they are a genuine superfood.

But as with anything else that is taken in excess, too much potassium can force your body to excrete water from your system as many other natural products can.

You should also realize that a body that has too much potassium in it can have many negative consequences which include severe muscle pain. It can also cause arrhythmias in your heart, therefore if you simply want to remove some of the salt in your system, or excess fluid from your body, you could eat other foods that would do the same which include bananas, apricots, strawberries, papaya, cantaloupe and of course Chia seeds.

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