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Are Chia Seeds A Natural Remedy For Hot Flashes?

Are Chia Seeds A Natural Remedy For Hot Flashes?

Chia seeds have gotten a lot of attention lately, but can they also work as a natural remedy for hot flashes? First, it is important to understand that chia seeds are neither a medicine or a drug.

They are seeds that have been used as a source of food for centuries. While the use of chia seeds fell out of fashion for awhile, they have been rediscovered and are popular with the public.

What Causes Hot Flashes And Chills

Women tend to suffer from hot flashes or chills during menopause, and this is a time of their lives when their body is changing from one level of hormones to another. While this change means that women are not generally able to conceive children any longer, it is usually just the beginning of the second half of their lives.

For most women, it should just be a minor inconvenience and no great cause for alarm. With the right nutrition, women should emerge from menopause simply feeling relief that they got through that stage and can begin to look forward to the next stage of maturity. There is no reason that menopause needs to signal bad health or a bad mood, but it often does. Can chia seeds help to provide a remedy?

How Do Chia Seeds Help With Hot Flashes?

certain foodNutritionists do advise women to make certain that they eat certain types of food, and avoid others, to reduce and even eliminate some negative symptoms of menopause.

In other words, menopause does not have to be awful for every woman, and the proper diet can help ease the transition into a different hormone balance by giving your body what it needs to effectively cope with the change of life.

These are types of food that nutritionists recommend to concentrate on during menopause:

* Protein
* Essential Fatty Acids
* Plenty Of Fiber
* An Overall Balanced Diet

The convenient thing about chia seeds is that they pack an almost complete source of nutrition into a small handful of tiny seeds. It does not really matter if the seeds are black or white, and they come in both colors. Some bags mix them both, and that is not a cause for concern. In any case, chia seeds do contain protein in a form that it is easy for the body to absorb and digest. They also contain omega-3s, the type of essential fatty acids that is missing from typical western diets.

fiberThey also pack plenty of fiber that can help with digestion and cleansing. Plus, chia seeds contain carbohydrates, in the right balance with fiber, to provide sustained energy without causing a blood sugar imbalance.

People do get affected by the food that they eat. Healthy bodies have the ability to cope with many different types of stresses, but they need to have the raw materials and fuel supply in order to perform efficiently. While chia seeds are not the only type of food that can help with hot flashes, they are convenient because they pack so many good and natural nutrients into one small package.

How To Buy And Use Chia Seeds For Hot Flashes?

You can purchase chia seeds in the store. From there, you might choose to simply chew on a tablespoon or two as a supplemental food source. If you don’t care for them like that, you can add the to sauces, stews, chile, and even stir fry as a thickener. They tend to absorb water and that makes them a versatile ingredient.

Other people simply prefer to add chia seeds to their morning yogurt or cereal for a little crunch that really doesn’t change the flavor. Finally, they can be added to the blender when making a fruit smoothie. They help thicken the smoothie without changing the taste.

Chia Seeds Can Help With Hot Flashes

Chia SeedsYes, chia seeds may help with hot flashes, chills, and other negative signs of menopause. This is mostly because they, like all good natural remedies, help ensure a healthy body has what it needs to smooth over transitional times.

This includes the right food and the right fuel. Consider consuming chia seeds as part of a healthy diet for menopause and beyond.


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